Gambling on the Esprimo Q1510

Esprimo Q1510

Esprimo test time is also time for confessions: I have not gambled excessively for years on the calculator. I play a handful of social games like Farmville – but the social character actually breaks through the most in the verbiage with the Facebook friends who loathe those games.

In addition, Anno 1404 is pretty much the only game I’ve bought in the last – say – five years. Actually, blogging and surfing take up enough of the available time, making it easy for me to smoothly pass trends like World of Warcraft.

If I ever feel the need to knock something down with swords, then I have a real classic deposited in the depths of my computer table: Diablo2 – the mother of all monster Abmurk. Not so old, but at least since 2003 is a Simpsons game, with which I like to pass the time or have expelled it at the time. I’m starting to get used to using the Esprimo Q1510 for my YouTube tours and watching DVDs (Blu-Ray, of course). It goes without saying that a modern computer has more to offer, even if one has these minimal dimensions as my test candidate. Therefore, I will try to take into account as part of my Esprimo test phase and other facets – today just the games.

Of course, I have not set out to shoot a high-end game for 45 pieces, which overwhelms the Esprimo graphics chip hopelessly and brings it to its knees – it goes without saying that this internal solution can not compete with highly-grown games boxes , My focus was more on the above games. The supreme discipline is not exactly the resolution, the jerk-free gambling or the like. No, the hardest thing is to get an age-old game on the road, which promises Windows 95/98 support on the packaging. With my notebook, I’ve often failed, but in the rush to gamble Diablo on a huge TV, I’ll try it again, of course.

First, I watched the social games. As mentioned above, I play Farmville myself and Fishville, and I like to play time jacks like Bejeweled. Of course, the graphics are laughed at in these games, but the focus is of social or casual games, of course, elsewhere. Still, it’s often frustrating to start a game on an older or non-fresh system, because even a technically supposedly unpretentious game like Farmville or Bejeweled is extremely unlikely when it’s jerky or hanging. Therefore, I felt the Esprimo in this regard on the tooth. As you can see in the second picture, I zoomed the window – just so I can feed the fish comfortably from the couch. What you can not see in the pictures – both run fluently and quickly, flash games So, as expected, no difficulty for the Esprimo.

What was more exciting for me now is what with my old games. Heroes of might and magic could not be found here spontaneously, but the Simpsons game and Diablo2 were at hand. I’ve come to grips with evil tinkering and perpetual googling to get the old games running – but what can I tell you: both were very painless to install – and also to play. Also, I have some screenshots ready: Logically, no state-of-the-art games, with which you could celebrate the graphics chip or the TV, but hey – I can play the old things, and in huge! No graphics tidbits here today, but believe me – the blogger aka Esprimo tester is quite enthusiastic;) Graphically demanding it will then hopefully, if I then in the next few days with the photo editing using Esprimo and on the big TV busy. I test it with both Photoshop and the tools provided by Fujitsu.